Breadboard Script Runs

Is your code on GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab?

Replace the .com with .run and Breadboard will run it.

Hello World!

Breadboard is Serverless

Why waste time with servers when you can just focus on code!

Breadboard will securely run node scripts from your GitHub repositories.

Use Breadboard whenever you have an idea for a new API, Mobile App, IoT project, Reddit/Slack Bot or want to automate a workflow.

You can even run, debug, and edit your script directly from Breadboard.


If your repository has a package.json file, we will install your dependencies before instantiating your instance, otherwise we will preload your instance with some of the most popular node packages.

You may submit a pull request to install new default packages.

Default Packages Add Default Packages


We are continuously adding new services and welcome your requests. Currently, we offer:


Send an EMail, no mail server account needed


Send SMS, no Twilio account needed


Automate browser based tasks with PhantomJS. In this example, we will take a screenshot of a website

Image Manipulation

Rotate, resize, crop... Anything you can do with an ImageMagic! In this example we give an image a sepia tone

And Much More...

Have fun in the Playground Check out more Examples ...